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Unwanted hair can be a problem for both men and women. Most often, excess body or facial hair is the result of hereditary factors. Also puberty, hormonal conditions and pregnancy can bring on the onset of unwanted hair. It is possible to conveniently achieve the ease, beauty and confidence of smooth, hair free skin through our customised hair removal treatment program.

At the Caribbean Aesthetic & Laser Institute, we ensure our clients' total satisfaction by using the world’s most state of the art, medical-grade lasers. The Palomar Starlux Laser provides safe, superior and long-term results on all skin types.

Why is Cooling So Important During Laser Hair Removal?
Unfortunately there are many laser systems out there that either are not safe for our Caribbean skin types, or are not effective at giving permanent hair removal. In the worst case scenario the laser is not effective AND still causes side effects such as skin burns. As a result we often have patients come to us who have had awful experiences with laser treatments elsewhere.

One reason for a laser not being effective and/or causing side effects is due to inadequate cooling. Cheaper laser systems do not usually have adequate skin cooling. Cooling is important (1) To make the laser hair removal safer (2) To make the laser treatment much more comfortable.

When inadequate cooling is used: (1) treatments are done at a low energy level to avoid skin burns, but in doing so permanent hair removal is not achieved. And/Or (2) Energy levels used to give permanent hair removal causes skin burns due to inadequate cooling.
Unlike other laser systems, we use dual cooling systems to maximize patient comfort and treatment safety. We use both active, contact cooling as well as a booster air cooling system. So many of our patients remarked that they wished they had come to us first, since the treatments are far more comfortable than they experienced elsewhere.

Bottom Line: All laser systems are not created equal. Our advice would be to do your research before you commit to a particular location offering laser!

Permanent Laser Hair Removal Experience @ CALI
The PALOMAR StarLux Laser Hair Removal technologies ensure our clients are given the best option for laser treatment of unwanted hair. A smooth finish is achieved without causing skin or tissue damage. The versatility of these aesthetic laser hair removal technologies allow us to tailor a personal treatment program for your skin and hair colour, texture and desired treatment area. Our clients achieve an 85-99% hair reduction within approximately 2-6 treatment sessions, scheduled at approximately 4 weeks apart.

During CALI’s laser hair removal treatment there is minimal to no discomfort. Once the treatment session is over, clients can return to their daily routine. This means no downtime or inconvenience.
The Palomar StarLux technologies are FDA approved in effectively reducing unwanted hair in approximately 2-6 visits. Most clients report permanent hair loss of up to 85-99% whilst remaining hair returns lighter and softer.
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