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The Caribbean Aesthetic & Laser Institute offers fractional laser by Palomar Starlux 1540, a revolutionary method which is the only United States FDA cleared technology in the world to treat stretch marks. Fractional laser is the most effective on the market and also less painful and risky than ablative treatments (older laser systems). The Lux1540 fractional laser improves the unsightly color and skin texture associated with stretch marks, leaving clients with smoother, better-looking skin. The fractional laser is for anyone who is beginning to notice red or purplish streaks forming on the body. It is especially effective for women post pregnancy, where the skin grows rapidly to cater for a new life. In the case of pregnancy, genetics play a large role in oneís susceptibility to stretch marks. Ladies need only to turn to their  mothers and sisters to make this observation. In any case where the skin stretches rapidly, it not only loses its elasticity and turns a different shade, but also appears unevenly toned and textured. Prior to the fractional laser, one would previously resort to over-the-counter creams which may or may not diminish the appearance of the stretch mark. The fractional laser treatment effectively, efficiently and safely minimises the appearance of the damaged tissue.

About Stretch Marks
Stretch marks have many causes including hormonal fluctuations, weight gain or loss and pregnancy. The skinís normal state is elastic, attributable to the production of collagen. When the tissue in the dermis is pulled by rapid stretching or growth and collagen fibers become damaged, stretch marks appear. People most susceptible to stretch marks are women, adolescents and teenagers. The most common areas stretch marks can be found include hips, arms, abdomen, buttocks, breast and back. For woman, this is especially prevalent during pregnancy and puberty when a rapid set of marks appear. Stretch marks initially appear red or brown in colour, but in most circumstances, change to a silvery white colour or shade lighter than the natural skin tone.

Stretch Mark Laser Solution
In treating stretch marks with over-the-counter creams, many have realised that they do not work effectively. The reason for this is that the skin has three layers which need to be treated, notably the epidermis, the dermis and subcutaneous tissue. Whilst the skin is kept in shape by the dermis, over time it is stretched causing epidermal and subcutaneous tearing. Also named fractional photothermolysis, the fractional laser resurfacing technology is the only one in the world FDA cleared to effectively treat stretch marks, penetrating through all the layers of skin which are disrupted contributing to the formation of stretch marks. It utilises the energy of ablative or skin resurfacing laser, while giving quicker recovery time and greater safety of non- ablative laser treatments. Tiny spots of treated skin cells replace the old, destroyed and discoloured scar tissue comprising the stretch mark. The revolutionary fractional laser penetrates through the surface layer of skin, delivering energy to the dermal layer below. The bodyís own wound healing response is encouraged by the thousands of tiny channels of microscopic thermal damage, promoting new collagen production and skin rejuvenation. Settings for each patient are customised and the depth and density of channels are adjusted to treat the stretch mark. The skin tone appears even coloured, fresher, and softer. NOTE: Early treatment of stretch marks generates better results as opposed to waiting until they are years old.

Benefits of Fractional Laser Treatment
Tightens skin
Dramatically minimises the appearance of stretch marks
Rejuvenates the treated area
Minimal discomfort 
Offers an immediate return to routine activities
Provides gradual, natural-looking improvement
Reduces redness in the appearance of stretch marks
What to expect after the treatment
After experiencing the immediate effects of the treatment, a pinkish tone can be anticipated as well as a slightly sunburnt sensation for approximately one week. The skin will be closer in tone to the surrounding skin within a fortnight of treatment as well as exfoliate and flake. There is a very limited risk of infection or scarring, and since the treatment is also far less invasive than other remedies, there is much lower risk of complication and quicker recovery time. To achieve significant improvements in the skinís appearance, four to six treatments are required with the fractional laser.

Photo courtesy Dr. Narinesingh
Photo courtesy Dr. Narinesingh
Photo courtesy Dr. Narinesingh
Photo courtesy Dr. Narinesingh
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